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How It Works


We're giving away up to $2,000 in "straight cash homie!!!!" Best part? This competition IS NOT based on best results, but rather best accountability score (you'll learn how that works during orientation).

NEW Metabolic Anti-Inflammatory 2.0 Food List

We just redid our metabolic anti-inflammatory food guide so that you can supercharge your metabolism and energy levels without eating solely chicken, rice, and broccoli

Bring A Buddy!

This is FREE for members and A STEEP DISCOUNT FOR YOUR BUDDY (50% off)! Plus if they end up signing up afterwards (which most of our clients do) you'll get another $100. "Straight cash homie" as Randy Moss would say



Talli H., Culver City, CA

"I've been with DC Fitness for the better part fo 5 years now and the results I've seen have been incredible. Just look at my progress pics LOL! I have freaking abs (which I never thought would be possible without tons of cardio and a restrictive diet)!!"


Christian P, 35, Los Angeles, CA

“Dylan and the DC family have helped me reach new levels in my physical fitness and performance through advanced training, skill building, and education. Even more important than the numbers on the scale, I’ve seen my confidence, healthy habits, and mental fitness improve throughout the program."


Lindsey M, Westlake Village, CA

"DC Fitness changed my life!  I joined because I had tried everything, and nothing worked.  This program not only got me amazing physical results but gave me incredible life tools Their program has given me a lifestyle that I can  maintain.  They have the most AMAZING coaches!"


Sean A., Big Sur, CA

"I've lost over 90 pounds with DC Fitness. During a pandemic. If I can do it you definitely can!"

Why The F*** Am I Doing This?

A couple reasons.

1) I love you. You've invested time, money, sweat, tears, and your trust in us.

2) I'm always looking for ways to increase client engagement. I know the more fun challenges like this, the more opportunity for clients to become more deeply rooted in our community. 

3) I'm a business human - these bring a buddy challenge are a great way to expose more people to this magic.

But most importantly? I get what it's like to be in your buddy's shoes. Having hit 210lbs at my heaviest, I was MISERABLE. I was also personal training clients and felt like a complete fraud. And looked like one. I wasn't practicing what I preached at all. I was tired, angry, ashamed, and sweaty. Yes, sweaty. And my thighs chafed together. I needed to make a change. 


I had so many coaching consultations before I started. Scared to invest in myself because I had tried so many things out and either didn't see results or saw results and gained all my weight back. I finally became so desperate I reached out to my friend's coach and that was that.

I got down to 175lbs and haven't lost any of the habits.

So yes, I know what it's like to be in your buddies shoes. As someone who just needs a friendly little nudge to get my butt in gear.

(a letter from the desk of Dylan A. Conrad)

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