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12 WEEK Beta Test Shred



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How It Works

Specialized Metabolic Training Protocol 

We have created 2 metabolic training modalities that have been getting our guys have been getting INSANE results with. We will be beta testing them.

Personalized Metabolic Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan

So that you can supercharge your metabolism and energy levels without eating chicken, rice, and broccoli for every meal of the day.

1 on 1 Coaching

Couple requirements:

✅ Must be open to coaching

✅ Willing to communicate with a coach throughout the week

✅ Open to dietary modifications



Alex B, Austin, TX

"Dylan always tells me there is no such thing as a special snowflake. Well, i'm living proof of that. Never been an athlete or have amazing genetics...and I have a 6-pack now!


Jake L, Eugene, OR

“Dylan and the DC family have helped me reach new levels in my physical fitness and performance through advanced training, skill building, and education. Even more important than the numbers on the scale, I’ve seen my confidence, healthy habits, and mental fitness improve throughout the program."


Jeffrey W, Manhattan, NY

"DC Fitness changed my life!  I joined because I had tried everything, and nothing worked.  This program not only got me amazing physical results but gave me incredible life tools Their program has given me a lifestyle that I can  maintain.  They have the most AMAZING coaches!"


Sean A., Big Sur, CA

"I've lost over 90 pounds with DC Fitness. During a pandemic. If I can do it you definitely can!"

Why The F*** Am I Doing This?

A couple reasons.

1) My program is research based and field tested. This is the field testing. I'm a huge nerd and love the Beta Test process.

2) I'm always looking for ways to increase client engagement. I know the more fun challenges like this, the more opportunity for clients to become more deeply rooted in our community. 

3) I'm a business human - if you have great results, a great experience, and become engulfed in our community, the likelihood of you staying long-term is VERY high.

But most importantly? Researched based training and nutrition are the reason I got into this field and have stayed for the last 15 years. Having hit 210lbs at my heaviest, I was MISERABLE. I was also personal training clients and felt like a complete fraud. And looked like one. I wasn't practicing what I preached at all. I was tired, angry, ashamed, and sweaty. Yes, sweaty. And my thighs chafed together. I needed to make a change. 


I found my mentor at my college. HE showed me how to read research and how to apply it to myself. I became OBSESSED.

Eventually I got down to 175lbs and haven't lost any of the habits.

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