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I remember my first fight at A.E. Wright middle school. Right on the cusp of Calabasas, backed into the mountains on Las Virgenes Rd.

The school always seemed out of place, beautiful houses, business buildings, and mountains surrounding this grimy old school that had been beat up by years of spoiled kids like myself slowly damaging it- expecting someone else to pick up after them.

There were no maids at this school.

No parents in their Gucci and Chanel accompanying their kids past the gate.

Past those gates were a war zone.

Where fights happened weekly and kids were bullied to the max for whatever reason.

We used to love playing football on the long fields furtherest away from the school buildings. I remember one time I pushed someone after the play was dead. Someone came from the side of me and choked me both hands on my neck. "Don't f*** with Jordan."

I fell to the ground after.

I cried all afternoon, telling everyone I was going to have my older brother beat him up.

So entitled. So weak. Not able to stand up for myself.

I cried a lot. When I struck out in baseball. When my brothers would punk me. When something didn't go my way.

I was spoiled, entitled, and mentally weak.

Fast forward 23 years at age 35.

I wake up at 4am daily. Run a successful business. Train 7x/week AND HARD. Drink 2 gallons of water. Take care of my 1.5 year old baby girl throughout the day and always keep the house clean. And hit my macros daily.

What was the big switch?


Most people quit (as I have MANY times in the past), when shit actually gets hard.

So how to we create that CALABASAS BULLETPROOF VEST?

1️⃣ Make shit HARD FOR YOURSELF with your training and nutrition

  • Taking out alcohol hard for you? Good, do that! Meal prepping for a full week sounds like the worst thing ever? GOOD! My dad always sad that character is built doing things you don't like. But I think MENTAL TOUGHNESS is built

2️⃣ Count your macros daily to develop MASSIVE DISCIPLINE

  • We don't count macros to see results (that's a by-product). We do it to create more discipline in our lives. Want to snap on your co-worker or quit your job? Dial in your discipline with food to discipline your emotions.

3️⃣ Wake up EARLIER

  • What's more uncomfortable than leaving this beautiful cloud of pillows, soft sheets, and the softest mattress ever to wake up and get your day started? Nothing sounds more contrasting. This is hard! But imagine when you're hungry from being in a calorie deficit, your spouse just started yelling at you getting you worked up, and you're off 2 hours of sleep- what's going to happen if your mindset is too soft? You'll quit.

4️⃣ Develop SELF AWARENESS AND PURPOSE in why you're living a healthy lifestyle in the first place

  • Why are you doing this in the first place? AND IT CANNOT BE ALL ABOUT YOU. Find someone, something, a higher power, for your reasoning to become the best version of you for a GREATER CAUSE. Mine is to make the world a better place thru training and nutrition. Sound weird? Think of how amazing you feel after a good workout and eating right. You're probably going to impact someone else's day positively or even better inspire them to start a healthy journey. It's the butterfly effect. Spiraling down the line to someone who was thinking about killing themselves but they gained a better mindset thru this.

My mission is to enroll, inspire, and serve YOU ALL to create a better world.

If you're with me on that, let's get the f*** after it and smash this enrollment link 👉

Love you all


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