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How to lose the mom weight AND never have to track your food ever again in 90 days

Our clients track their food.

But tracking your food forever is not realistic.

That's why once our client's hit their goal body composition, we boost their metabolism as high as humanly possible, then teach them how to eat intuitively.

Not only do they have a low "set point" for their body weight, but now they have a super high metabolism AND the habits to sustain it.

I'm going to take you thru the phases we take our clients thru to get them to a place of "food freedom."


  • This phase is focused on fat loss, strength training, and eating more food to get the metabolism firing. Hormones start rebalancing here as well as energy levels. We don't care as much about the scale moving on this phase as we do the metabolism boosting up. Focus on lifestyle changes (water intake, sleep, increasing step count) is a primary focus here. Our clients never feel hungry during this phase, energy starts boosting up, and overall joint pain goes way down.


  • This is where all that hard work on rebuilding that metabolism sets in, because now we have a supercharged metabolism to start losing 2-4 pounds per week and can now get the weight off as fast as possible. This is the most motivating phase our clients go thru, just watching the scale drop down effortlessly while still eating a good amount of food.


  • This is the best phase, because now that you've hit your goal weight/body composition, you can now start eating more and more each week. As you super charge your metabolism, you'll have a new low set point of body weight and a super high metabolism. Which will be hard to change even if you fall off hard for a weekend. Although our clients are still tracking here, nothing feels as good as a flat stomach so nobody seems to mind much!


  • This is where you learn to listen to your body and hunger/fullness cues. You no longer have to log your food, all you need to do is weigh yourself daily to make sure everything is in line and practice our intuitive eating guidelines which are so easy even a caveman (me) can do it. You'll feel free and confident in your food decisions and workout because it actually makes you feel good and not to get to a goal weight anymore.

Closing thots:

As long as you have have body composition goals, logging your food is a must. Otherwise you're just trying to guess yourself to fat loss which will leave you frustrated, angry, and ultimately just saying f*** it to the whole experience.

There's a saying 95% of diets don't work.

Diets work. But 95% of people rebound back.

Why? Because they don't go thru the Vacation Phase and Intuitive Eating Phase like we do.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is a path to "food freedom." But you have to earn it and put in the hard work first.


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