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I'm going to teach you how to spend less than $60 per week on groceries AND cheat meals out.

Before I get into it, let me explain my history of spending habits.

I used to spend money like I was part of the "Blowing Money Fast (BMF)" crew in the early 2000's (the guys that invented "making it rain"...would literally drop hundreds of thousands of dollars in one night at a strip club).

Obviously not that bad- but all the money that came in went right back out.

Since the pandemic hit and my gym closed down, I've become A LOT more disciplined with my money. I even got rid of my car.

My wife calls me "cheap"- I call me "smart."

I used to spend over a thousand dollars a month solely on groceries for myself.

Whole Foods, over purchasing stuff that would go bad, and constantly ordering out.

So how did I switch this?

I'm going to break down step by step how to create a fat loss diet on a budget

1. Plan your weekly diet in My Fitness Pal. Open up My Fitness Pal and our "hybrid food list" below, and plan out 2 different menus. Day A and day B. You will alternate every other day between the 2. Whether you're working off our custom template or you're counting macros or calories, you will need to plan for a total of 6 days. Why only 6 days? Because 4 meals during the week will be used as cheat meals. Cool hack on My Fitness Pal is to copy the exact day of eating to another day as I do in the video above.

2. Add in your cheat meals - You will have 4 cheat meals to add in. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Cheap fast food and desserts are the way to go when you're on a budget. Don't go over $3 each. Your cheat meal isn't a huge meal. You should be replacing a meal with the same calories (i.e. chicken/rice/broccoli is 350 cals, your cheat meal is 350 cals).

3. Create your grocery shopping list. This is key to make sure you don't overbuy and waste money or underbuy and have to go back to the grocery store. After you've planned out your diet in My Fitness Pal, write down the foods you will need with the portion size and multiply that number by 3 (i.e. 6 oz chicken breast x 3 = 18 oz). You should have a list that looks something like this:


4. Walmart and Costco will be your go to's. Costco has the cheapest meats and greek yogurt. Walmart has the cheapest everything else. Don't buy's just another word for "overpriced." Seriously, you don't need it. I'll get into why organic is pretty much BS in a later post. Walmart is clutch, and everything is so cheap there and the quality is high enough.

5. Utilize your supplements - you'll see I don't eat any vegetables and have protein powder in my snacks. A. I hate the taste of veggies. B. Vegetables can get expensive. All my clients including myself take Prestige Labs supplements. Taking a $2.23 per day greens supplement gives you all the micronutrients you need and saves a ton of time on meal prep. Spending $1.60 per serving of protein is way cheaper than any other protein you'll see in the protein list.

6. Take a couple hours to prep and divide everything - this will save you sooooo much time during the week. If you don't have individual meal prep containers, you can just use big containers to store stuff and divide it each day. This will be fine if you work from home, but if you're on the go and don't make time during the week, I suggest getting some super cheap meal prep containers (99 cent store has a box of 12 for $1). The best part about this is once you're done with your meals, just rinse it and throw it in the dishwasher and clean it all Sunday when you're doing your next meal prep day.

Watch the video and see how exactly I go thru each step and how it will come out to less than $60 for you.

May seem like a lot of work, but it will save you so much time and decision making during the week.

Plus, research shows people that plan ahead of time get the best results.

Creating these game plans is easy.

But if you're not disciplined, being lazy, making excuses, or not efficient, let's chat.

I promised my team and I will turn you into a laser focused, disciplined, and completely shredded version of you.

Enroll in our 12 Week Transformation and get peeled to the socks or lose 25+ pounds (results are guaranteed btw):


Owner, DC Fitness

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