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STRESS EATING MOMMAS: Are you making THIS mistake?👇

It’s 8pm.

You just put your toddler down after a looooonnnnnnggggg day.

6am wake up, workout until 7:30am, work 8am-5pm, chores, dinner, spend two seconds with you toddler…

You’re fried.


You start by seeking comfort in a bag of salty delicious potatoe chips.

Except you’re eating them so fast and anxiously that you’re not even tasting them.

You check in with your body again: “are YOU satisfied?”


So you pull out an old box of Valentine’s Day chocolates because “f*** it,” I already messed my diet up anyways, AND GO HAM.

Stress eaters: takes one to know one.

This is a demon I’ve been battling picked up early in my childhood (not pointing fingers at my parents, thanks therapists😃).

So, why are you stress-eating?

Well, you’re stressed.

But why?

Long day at work?

Toddler screaming in your ear while trying to talk to your partner?


But the number 1 reason this is most likely happening?


If you’re waking up to an alarm clock (which 85% of you are), feeling like you could hit snooze for another hour or two, you’re not sleeping enough.

Lack of sleep disrupts the hormone “leptin” secretion, which is the hormone that helps regulate body weight (known as the “fat controller” hormone).

It also sends stronger ghrelin hormones, the “hunger hormone.”

With lack of sleep your body not only wants to hold onto body fat, it’s causing you to eat in a calorie surplus to put even more body fat on.

Just like that book you read to your kid every night:

“Go The F*** To Sleep"


1️⃣ Take naps - from months 1-6 with a newborn, sleep is touch and go. Uninterrupted sleep is always going to have the best effects on your body, but trying to skate by on a "sleep debt" will wreck way more havoc on your body. I nap easily, so this wasn't tough. My wife, on the other hand, cannot nap to save her life. But, she was able to train her body to after laying there for a week or two with closed eyes without drifting off. Get cheap blackout curtains on Amazon (we got our whole room for ~$15).

2️⃣ Sleep routine - You've been in "fight or flight" all day, so suddenly expecting your body to relax is not going to happen. Wind down by shutting off electronics 3 hours before bedtime, taking a bath or contrast shower, putting some lavender essential oils in a diffuser, and making your room a sleep sanctuary.

3️⃣ Sleep supplements - Most sleep supplements will get you to sleep, but next to none of them will keep you asleep. "Sleep Multiplier" by Prestige Labs will not only get you to sleep and keep you asleep, but it also keeps your metabolism high as you sleep so you can burn some extra cals. Win/win/win.

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