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Meet The DC FITNESS Staff

Image by Anastase Maragos
Coach Spencer Pic,JPG.JPG

Coach Spencer

I’ve been at my fitness journey ever since freshman year in high school, active with basketball, football, muay thai and strength training. I've been coaching a wide variety of clients of all backgrounds with DC Fitness for about a year and a half now, specializing in muscle & strength building. The best part of this job is seeing clients completely transform not only their physical health but their entire lifestyle for the better. It's really an amazing feeling incomparable to anything else knowing I assisted them in the process. Potential clients can expect to be pushed beyond their comfort zone in a teammate-like manner with a no BS, straight to the point yet empathetic approach! 


Dylan - CEO
& Program Director

My goal is to push you, our staff, and myself to be the best possible version of ourselves by SMASHING limiting beliefs and creating MASSIVE discipline in everyone. This is a lot more than just results (those are the easy part), this is about making you a better human being so you can BE OF SERVICE to the rest of the world. One transformation at a time, we are changing the world. My mission is simple: enroll, inspire, and serve.


Coach Ambra

I began working for DC Fitness in 2019 as the Operations Manager, overseeing all client programs as well as the coaches, ensuring the client's needs were met. This led me into my current role as head coach with DC Fitness. Clients can expect a coach who cares deeply about their goals and takes them as seriously as if they are my own. I do my best to provide compassion, motivation and tough love in order to create a sustainable lifestyle that works for each individual. No two people are the same so my approach varies to meet that client on their level. 

Image by Sushil Ghimire
Coach Kyle.jpg

Coach Kyle

I have 11+ years of experience with 10,000+ hours of learning and application. Owned and coached my own gym for 9 years. I'm a Prestige Labs Certified Trainer.

I love teaching people the skills needed to keep the results they are after. Clients can be prepared to learn the process.

If you don't understand it, how are you going to sustain it?

Coach Kelsey

I am a NASM certified Personal Trainer and an L1 Precision nutrition coach with a BS in Exercise Physiology. I absolutely LOVE creating relationships with clients and helping them achieve things they never thought they could. There’s no greater feeling than bringing self-love and happiness into the lives of others. Potential clients can expect a positive environment that motivates them to step outside of their comfort zone. I prioritize making my clients feel heard and supported in any obstacle they may face while providing steps to overcome them.


Coach Garrett

I am a level 1 Olympic weightlifting coach through USAW and I have a bachelor's degree in exercise science. I have experience coaching collegiate athletes as well as the general population. My clients motivate me to be a better coach so I can help them reach higher goals. I love seeing clients reach their goals through hard work, passion and dedication. Three words I would use to describe my coaching style are effort, intensity and intention. My clients and I work with effort, high intensity, and the intentionality that what we are doing is getting us closer to our goals.

Image by Sushil Ghimire

Coach Lindsey

 I am an experienced chiropractor and fitness coach, practicing since 2019 when I got my degree at KSU. I am dedicated to improving patients' physical health through targeted chiropractic adjustments and personalized fitness programs. With my combined experience, I create well-rounded treatment plans that boost mobility, ease pain, and improve overall well-being. I’m dedicated to helping people reach their health and fitness goals with effective and integrated care!


Coach Whitney 

I have 6 years of experience specializing in bodybuilding and personalized training programs. With NASM certifications among others in nutrition and training exercises, I excel in developing customized fitness plans tailored to meet diverse client goals. I am passionate about motivating and helping clients toward healthier lifestyles through comprehensive fitness and nutritional strategies!


Coach Emily

I started my coaching journey over 4 years ago. My focus is on creating custom programs that not only enhance physical strength and conditioning but also promote overall well-being. With a strong background in holistic fitness and wellness strategies, I am committed to helping clients achieve their health goals through balanced and sustainable practices. I love guiding people on their journeys to improve self-care, ensuring they find joy and fulfillment in their routines.

Image by Sushil Ghimire

Coach Robert

I am a dedicated coach with an ISSA certification in personal training and a background in competitive bodybuilding with +10 years of experience. Leveraging my experience as a bodybuilding competitor, I understand the demands of rigorous training and am committed to helping individuals reach their peak performance through customized and effective plans

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