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Kim Kardashian and Impossible Meat Partner Up!

Even though the Kardashians ruined my life, I still consider myself a "KARB-DASHIAN."

Because I'm fabulous and I LOVE CARBS.

Kim K recently released a video (no, not featuring her and Ray-J again) of her endorsement of Impossible Meat.

My thoughts on the video and on Impossible Meat in general?

"Taste consultant" - funny, but also she has poor taste IMO. And she's just a spokesperson btw. Don't think she's approving/disapproving R & D.

"Impossible meat is better for you" - absolutely not

"Impossible meat is better for the planet" - yes, but compared to what? If beef than 100%. If any other protein source than NO. Impossible Foods claims its soy-based burger uses 87 percent less water, takes 96 percent less land, and has 89 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than a beef burger

"It's a simple change" - ehhhh not really. It costs more. Tastes like shit. That sounds like a couple hurdles, no?

"Now that I'm impossible meats taste consultant, there's no better reason to go beyond" - Kim K never actually takes a bite of the food if you watch the video. WTF? She also takes a selfie with her taco seems to be completely un-eaten even though she's chewing?

My thoughts on impossible meats?

They're pretty inflammatory.

But the macros are WAY better than other plant-based foods.

If you like it, it's realistic, you have the means to eat it, then go for it.

Food typology matters the least in the fat loss hierarchy.

Don't take diet or exercise advice for celebrities. What they do is not realistic or sustainable for us common folk.

I say go for it!

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