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4 Exercise Modifications To Build Better Glutes + Hamstrings

Just like Maryland does crabcakes and football, I do body fat loss and muscle gain.

This post will obviously be about the latter.

There is 5% of the population that really don't need to build muscle, the rest of you keep reading.

Function follows form when it comes to exercise technique.

One small tweak can change the tension and force the muscle exerts, thus causing muscle growth via increase in mitochondria or size of fiber.

OK, i'll stop the nerd speak and just go thru 5 basic exercises and their modifications so you can "feel" the exercise better, get a better pump, and crush your next workout.

  1. Seated Leg Curls: lean forward on this exercise to put the hamstring in a "stretched" position. This allows great range of motion and more tension created. Count "one-one thousand" at the top and hold, concentric curl lowering, bottom hold, and back up. This will increase the time under tension "TUT"

  2. Stiff Legged Deadlifts: Push your hamstrings back behind you until they won't go back anymore. Once they can't go back anymore, come back up. Keep your chin tucked to increase hamstring stretch

  3. Hip Thrusts: This is often turned into a low back and hamstring exercise (wrongly so). To get all glutes and hamstrings, tuck your chin and curl you pelvis underneath you to lift the hips (instead of bridging up). Keep your chest forward, there should be no movement from your bottom ribcage to your head.

  4. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats (glutes): most people do this exercise and think they're working glutes and just hitting mainly quads. Add a forward lean (hinge at the hips) with a relatively medium stance. You should feel the glute of the front leg getting completely smoked.

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