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First off, let me say that night snacking isn't a problem.

The time you eat during the day has no effect on fat loss.

However, if night snacking is throwing you off your diet model. That's a problem.

The long term game is figuring out why you're night snacking in the first place.




What is happening during the day that's causing you to reach for comfort at night?

Short term?

Here's 5 hacks:

  1. Delay and distract: Cravings our normal. Taking action on that craving is where we fall off. So how do we stop ourselves from taking action? Delay and distracting the action once the onset of cravings set in. Call a friend. Have sex. Knit. Take a walk. Something to get your mind off of the craving.

  2. Fit the late night snacks into your diet model: Your best defense is your offense. Stack your meals later in the day and save room for night snacking. Instead of trying to restrict yourself from these snacks, fit them in by pre-logging your food in the beginning of the day.

  3. Affirmations: Dang this sounds "woo-woo." But the science shows that 50% of all results come from the placebo effect. Meaning, if you believe you can achieve a results, you will. How we speak to ourselves effects our actions. Tell yourself "I am strong and disciplined with my food choices." Or any affirmation that will have you stick to your diet model.

  4. Find an accountability partner: Alcoholics anonymous and really all anonymous support groups are successful due to large part of the accountability (or sponsor system). Having someone coach, direct you, and keep you honest, is all the difference. Find someone you have a mentee mentor communication with (i.e. NOT your wife, family member, or close personal friend). Someone who will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.

  5. Hunger scale: Using the hunger scale is great. Typically when we want to night snack, we're not actually hungry. Close your eyes, scan your stomach, and assess how full your tank is. Is your stomach on empty and growling? Or is it full. Put a number between 1-10 and write it down. Every craving you get, mark it down.

Want a 6th layer of accountability?


Our attention goes where our money goes.

You're a heck of a lot less likely to not follow what your coach says if you're paying for it (unless you care very little for money).

Ready to invest?

And possibly make a financial return on your investment by winning $3,000?

Enroll in our 6-Week Transformation Challenge:

If you're motivated, coachable, are a human, and have a pulse, then this most likely will be a good fit.

- DC

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