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5 reasons your workouts are giving you mommy burnout and causing you to gain weight

"The mommy burnout cycle you talk about isn't the only thing contributing to mommy burnout."

My wife said this to me the other day.

If you don't know the mommy burnout cycle I speak about from psychologist Brooke Weinstein:

1️⃣ "Mom Mode" - Ready to get the to-list done (and do it better this time!)

2️⃣ "Overwhelm" - Unable to complete everything on the list and realize there is more to add to the list

3️⃣ "Crash and Burn" - Yell at kids. Blame husband

4️⃣ "Guilt and Shame" - I can do better. It's my fault. Cry.

But there are other components of mom's burning out.

And your workouts are contributing to you getting burnt out, overwhelmed, lashing out, and beating yourself up.

And your workouts are most likely one of them.

Here are 5 reasons your workouts are giving you mommy burnout and causing you to gain weight.

1️⃣ You prioritize your workouts above your recovery - People who sleep less than 6 hours are 63% more likely to be overweight or obese. The more tired you are, the less productive your workouts will be and the more overwhelmed you will feel. Have the option of working out at 5am or sleeping an extra hour or two? Sleep!!!

2️⃣ You are trying to do this alone - A big reason mom's feel burnt out is because they feel like they have no one they can confide in and have REAL conversations with (not just the things that are going well with their kids). Having someone you can talk to while also helping you socialize will do wonders.

3️⃣ You hate your workouts - Just because you're working out that doesn't mean it's self care. In fact, if you dislike your workouts and dread doing them, it's just another shitty thing on your to-do list. It's not something you really "do for you." Find some movement you actually enjoy (or enjoy a ton after you're done with it).

4️⃣ You prioritize your workouts over your nutrition - How you feel physically, psychologically, and the fat loss results are 80% nutrition. Have the option of meal prepping or grocery shopping vs working out? Choose the former

5️⃣ Your workout routine doesn't encompass stretching, strength training, and conditioning - Maybe you're doing 1 or 2, but doing all 3 will help your body recover and your joints thanking you. I just created a 7 minute video training in my FREE Metabolic Momma Secrets facebook group on "HOW TO BUILD CUSTOM METABOLIC MOMMA WORKOUTS FOR RAPID FAT LOSS WITHOUT EVER BEING OVERWHELMED, STRESSED, CONFUSED, AGAIN, OR HAVING TO GO TO THE GYM". Here's the link to join the FREE group: LINK

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