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5 steps to SUSTAINABLY losing 2-3 lbs per week without starving yourself or hardcore exercise

In 2018 I started working with my Coach Huggy McNiff (yup, that's his legal name).

There's nothing "Huggy" about him. He's probably laughed 4 times in the time we've been coaching together.

With a throat tattoo of The Punisher's symbol, I thought him coaching me would be hardcore.

"I just want to get lean, what exercise should I be doing?"

"It doesn't matter at all. To be honest if you just want to cut body fat, that's going to be diet."

Hardcore? This seems too easy...

3 months and 25 pounds later, my belief that people needed to workout to lose body fat was broken.

Thousands of clients later who worked out minimally or not at all, with phenomenal results, this broken belief has been enforced.

But it wasn't like I just dialed in my nutrition and "wah-lah" the body fat was dropping at a massive pace.

It took weeks and a process to get me on the 2-3 pounds per week, eating a ton of food but still hungry, and my metabolism thru the roof.

I'm going to take you thru that exact process right now that I, as well as thousands of clients, have used to get lean AF and make it a sustainable life long habit.

1️⃣ Reverse engineer your goals

What habits do you need to get to your end goal? What does your training and nutrition need to look like? Ditch the notion of "fat loss exercise" and focus all your attention on your nutrition. Training is a bonus and to "feel better."

2️⃣ Forget about your "end result goal" and focus ONLY on habit goals

Set the end goal. Reverse engineer. Then forget about the end goal all together. Any focus on the end goal will lead to frustration. Trust me. The only time you can look at your progress is one a week when you average out your weight ins compared to the previous one. So forgetting about it all together will stop you from having a fixed mindset and move you into a growth mindset.

3️⃣ Start simple AF

"Don't get cute." I tell my clients this all the time. What's the minimum effective dose to see the most maximum result? Maybe you just eat whatever the f*** you want but track calories to start? Maybe you just drink a gallon of water a day to start. Whatever you start with, make sure it's so easy it's laughable. Adhere 100% until it's a habit, then...👇👇👇

4️⃣ Stack your wins

Once you have 1 habit solidified 100%, stack the next habit. Then the next. And so on... Research shows focusing on 2+ habits at once you have less than 5% chance of long term success. But focusing on 1 habit will give you 70%+ success.

5️⃣ Get your mind right for your "Metabolic Priming Phase"

After clients go thru their fat loss phase, the next phase is to build their metabolism back up. This will give them a buffer for when they go YOLO so they don't gain any weight back. It's also a monotonous journey if you're focused on the results. Shift your mindset to the wins being on when you get more food to eat week after week as the wins. Because your weight loss and fat loss will move very little.

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