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More time. More energy.

That’s every mom’s wish.

Feeling like you’re always playing catch up.

Lackluster energy, severe brain fog…always forgetting things.

And forgetting to take care of yourself.

Forgetting to move your body for something that isn’t errand or kid related.

Forgetting to feed yourself until it’s 9pm and you just comfort pseudo binge eat.

Your energy is even worse.

And you’re playing even more catch up.

Until you snap, lash out, and burn out.

Here are 5 time saving health hacks so you can get toned AF, supercharge your energy, and feel like a boss b*** again:

1️⃣ Hire a meal prep chef

⭐️ First thought: “that sounds expensive.” After hiring a couple meal prep chefs for various clients I’ve realized it’s actually not too bad. They range from $10-20 per hour depending on what state you live in, and prep for the whole family for the whole week is about 6 hours. Even if you did half that it would save you about 3 hours per day. You could also possibly barter with one if you have any skills you can trade off.

2️⃣ Do your exercise with your kids

⭐️ A lot of our mommas come to our zoom classes with their kids. Some of the kids even join them in some of the exercises. It may not be your best workout ever, but anytime you can involve the family you’re saving time and setting a better example for your kids.

3️⃣ Create a weekly menu

⭐️ Meal prep doesn’t always have to be physical. I have a client that eats out 10 meals a week, but they have a game plan before they go into each meal. The less decision making you can do, the less mental wear and tear you’ll have.

4️⃣ Follow my “I hate meal prep” meal plan

⭐️ This is all ready made and quick cook options for my mommas that hate cooking or just don’t have the time (or don’t want to make the time). You can get it at any convenience store, it tastes great, and is super low inflammation. DM me for this guide👊

5️⃣ Walk

⭐️ You can do it with you family. It lowers cortisol. You get some vitamin D. And some fresh air. And some calories out. Sounds like a win/win/win to me.

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