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ATTN MOMS: How to Skyrocket Your Energy in Less Than 5 Minutes Per Day (without drinking 8 redbulls)

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

It's 9am, you've been watching your child for approximately 2 hours, and are currently trying to do the math of how many hours you have left to watch them.

When am I going to have some mommy time?

Stuck in "baby jail."

At the whim of this amazing creature who you feel bad for wanting to rest.

Zero energy.

Feeling the "mommy burnout" hard.

Even though you probably slept like shit, haven't been consistently exercising, and feel overwhelmed by the list of "to do's" that keep getting pushed back...


Best part?

You can do this while keeping an eye on your child.

And you don't have to take adderall, drink a pot of coffee, or take a shot of adrenaline to the chest.

This is 5 different mental and physical steps that will be broken up into 1 minute each.

So make sure to set your time.


When we're tired, burnt out, or doing something we don't want to, it's easy to go into a state of "scarcity" which further hinders us from operating at our best. Grab a piece of piece of paper (if you don't have any paper nearby just use the notes section in your phone) and write down EVERYTHING you are grateful for in "I am grateful..." statements. It can be as simple as "I'm grateful I'm alive." "I'm grateful I have a roof over my head." You can take anything you percieve as negative and flip it into a positive: "I'm grateful the world is testing my patience with my child."


Your conscious mind becomes your subconscious actions. What's the negative states of being you are currently feeling? Tired? Lethargic? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Start listing out affirmations on the same piece of paper of the opposite of the negative states you feel. If you're feeling tired: "I am full of energy and vibrance." This can even translate to things you want to get done that day: "I accomplish all of my errands today while staying calm and present." Try to also visualize yourself in those states. The more senses you can involve (see, say, write), the better.


Most people think they didn't sleep well enough, but in actuality they weren't getting enough oxygen to their brain during sleep. This is the same during the day. When we're stressed or in a sympathetic state (fight or flight), our breathing becomes shallow which restricts the amount of oxygen we deliver to our brain. Most breathing exercises calm you out too much where you're too tired again, the "Wim Hoff" method uses quick and full breaths to get oxygen in but also excite your nervous system.

Step 1: Inhale sharp and deep thru the nostrils, filling up your stomach with air

Step 2: Inhale sharp and deep thru the nostrils, filling up your chest with air

Step 3: Exhale sharpe and deep thru the mouth, getting all the air out

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3


Now that you have the mental and nervous system stimulated, we are now going to get our physical body stimulated. Any movement you like: marching with high knees in place, jumping jacks, running in place, skipping, burpees, push ups off your couch, reverse alternating lunches, or any variation of the above for a minute total. The goal here is you want exercises that are dynamic and you are moving the entire time.


A lot of fatigue is caused by poor upper body posture. The goal here is to reverse posture your forward head and shoulder posture to bring you more back and upright.

Step 1: With your fingers together extended as far back as possible (you should feel a stretch in your palms), and your arms by your sides, rotate your hands behind you as far as possible.

Step 2: Keeping your arms straight, when you feel like you can't rotate your hands outwardly and behind you anymore, push against that imaginary resistance (you should feel the back of your shoulders start burning)

Step 3: "Pack your neck" by tucking your chin and simultaneously pushing your head back so your neck and head are stacked directly over your spine.

Step 4: Hold this position and breathe deeply for the full minute.

Ready to get in front of mommy burnout and lose 20+ pounds in the next 90 days without cutting out 🍷🍪 or having to go to the gym? DM me on Instagram @dylanaconrad to learn more about my 90 DAY METABOLIC MOMMA METHOD.

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