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👉✔️First off, let me first say I don't have the EXACT answer for YOU SPECIFICALLY.

I do however have a ton of strategies, and what I want to do is help spur your imagination. Because the person who knows best is the one reading this right now (you).

"I'm going to start this program after the holidays because i just have too many meals out with friends."

If you TRULY BELIEVE THAT DEEP DOWN I actually do not want you to do our program. And I'm saying that from a place of love.

Because I'd be setting you up to fail if I let you believe that and start when things are easier.

Well, guess what happens when things pick up?!


So if you want to continue yo-yo'ing with your training and nutrition (and trust me, your results will be a product of your habits), be my guest. But I'm not going to set you up to fail on my program.

I was in your shoes for so much of my life. Telling myself I'll do things when they get easier. Heck, I still make the excuse from time to time. But it's much less, and my course corrections are much quicker. And trust me, I'm no different than you. I don't have a military mindset. I'm not tough. I didn't grow up disciplined. I grew up a spoiled youngest child from Calabasas. I can guarantee you're a lot more hardened than I was.

When your training and nutrition seem "disadvantageous" to do, that's when you should be putting your gas pedal to the floor.

So, for the real ones still reading this, let's look into some strategies to absolutely own these hard times.

Dinner with friends brings about:

✔️ Lack of control with food sources

✔️ Social pressure

✔️ Alcohol (poor decision making)

✔️ Late night eating (lack of willpower)

You have 4 things fighting against you. You have no control over the food. You have pressures from everyone whether verbally or non-verbally. There's typically alcohol involved which will decrease your decision making and will power. And then late night eating when will power is completely out of the window.

Research shows that people who get results and keep them FOREVER have 1 main differences than those who do not. THEY ARE MASTER PLANNERS.

1️⃣ So step #1 is making a plan. Write it down. Speak it out loud into existence.

✔️ Lack of control with food sources

👉 This is an easy one. Pick up your cell phone. Go to "messages." And send a message to the host asking what they're eating. Decide ahead of time what you're going to eat (and if you're a client and doing flexible dieting you know that every food, even the cake and pasta, are 100% game). Then, plan the rest of the day's food accordingly.

✔️ Social pressure

👉 We had an awesome live client event last night with a nutritionist covering bulk meal prep. One of my biggest takeaways was how to say no. This is by relating everything back to SELF CARE when people ask. "Why aren't you eating xyz food?" "Have some of this xyz food!" Your answer: because it makes me feel horrible. I don't eat foods soaked in oil because it makes me feel like absolute shit the next day. And no ones going to argue against that. When you tell them that they probably will hesitate and either not eat it either or they'll pick at it.

✔️ Alcohol (poor decision making)

👉 If you're in a calorie deficit. You're going to be hungry. If you're reverse dieting or eating at maintenance you typically won't be. I drink very rarely. Not for any health reasons, it's rather because I wake up at 4am and am already exhausted by the end of the day where I feel drunk. If you're in a deficit, don't drink. Simple as that. If you can't put down the alcohol, well that's a conversation I'm not certified to have with you. Reverse dieting and maintenance are the best times to include alcohol in your diet model. Other than that, avoid it like the plague. And if people ask, you can just tell them "I would I just don't want to feel like shit tomorrow🤣"

✔️ Late night eating (lack of willpower)

👉 If you're reverse dieting or maintaining this shouldn't be an issue. If you're in a deficit, you're going to be hungry and your willpower will already be low. So how do we stay in a deficit while not feeling hungry? Try my ultimate appetite suppression stack:

🔹 Gallon+ of water during the day

🔹 24 oz+ of sparkling water right before dinner

🔹 Tons of veggies (and lean protein if you can fit it into your diet model) right before the dinner out


The last is my savior.

Client's get 40% off with our employee discount from Prestige Labs.

Not a client?

Found this helpful?


And taking on a bunch of motivated, ready to be coachable, men and women who want to lose at least 25 pounds and/or get completely shredded WHILE STILL EATING THE FOODS THEY LOVE.

Happy Wednesday fam!

DC ❤️

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