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Episode 1: how to optimize your hormones so that you can break thru your plateau and lose 2-3lbs/wk

Episode 1 of the Metabolic Momma Secrets podcast is up!

Listen on Spotify, iTunes, or watch on YouTube:

Time Stamp:

0:35 - Mission of the metabolic momma secrets podcast

1:32 - How to optimize your hormones to break thru your mommy plateau and lose 2-3lbs of fat per week

2:00 - Client story who didn’t see any results for 4 weeks then lost 2-3lbs per week

3:20 - Inflammation and metabolism

4:12 - why do you hit plateaus?

4:30 - Hormones after childbirth

5:05 - Factors that will impact our hormones that we cannot control

5:45 - Factors that will impact our hormones that we can control

5:55 - Psychological impact on hormones

6:30 - 4 step process

7:30 - Inflammation

7:50 - How to get inflammation out

8:25 - Step #1 metabolic anti-aging food guide (dm me for this

9:05 - Implementing cheat foods for sustainability

10:10 - Step #2 NEAT

11:30 - Step #3 recovery

12:00 - Recovery methods

13:40 - Step #4 adherence

15:05 - How to NOT fall off when creating these habits

16:25 - Your next 28 Days!

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