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Episode 2: Why Cheat Meals Are the Metabolic Momma's Hidden Weapon

1:22 - what we think cheat meals are vs what cheat meals actually are

2:15 - why cheat days are bullshit

2:25 - how to structure your cheat meals

4:00 - too much inflammation from cheat meals will kill your progress and what to do to reverse that

5:00 - why the 80/20 rule is key

5:20 - 90% adherence will equal 50% results or zero results

6:30 - logging your food forever isn’t sustainable

7:20 - why the term “sustainability” is BS and what sustainability really means

8:35 - why food typology matters the least

9:25 - physiological benefits of cheat meals

11:00 - how cheat meals helped me battle binge eating

13:00 - 3 different ways to structure your cheat meals

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