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"Clickbait Conrad at it again!"

You probably thought I was going to spend the time to write custom vegan meal plans for all 2,567 subscribers, right?


But, I am going to going to lay out a 5 step approach for how you can easily set up your own fat loss vegan meal plan.

I'm not vegan myself.

I have coached many vegans successfully in the past, however.

But, I do believe in the vegan diet model for:

✅ Anti-inflammation

✅ Cardiovascular health

✅ Hormone optimization

Whether you're looking for the above, or a total hippie like my parents and just love animals, this may be a good diet model for you.


Just eating more vegan won't get you shredded.

It needs to be incorporated into a calorie deficit with proper protein intake to do so.

Unless you just want to look like your emaciated vegan friend with no muscle and a super slow metabolism. That's fine too

So how do I create a customized vegan meal plan?

Here's your 6 step process👇👇👇

1. FIND THE RIGHT VEGAN FOODS FOR YOU - Get on a solid vegan food list. Here's the one we get our clients on, but you're more than welcome to add in whatever you want. The portions are recommend portions to start at but I'll teach you how to finagle those to fit into your model. Don't be scared of fake meats, they will be imperative for your fat loss meal plan.

2. WEIGH AND LOG YOUR FOOD - Weigh all the food you eat on a food scale and log it into an app like "My Fitness Pal" for a week. Weigh your food in grams instead of ounces for surgical precision, and barcode all foods that have a barcode. If it's a fruit or something without a barcode, type in "USDA (food type)" and use the finding in grams. Eat normally, don't stuff and don't starve.

3. GATHER YOUR DATA - Weigh yourself daily and take weekly progress pictures (same time of day, same room, same lighting, same everything). Disconnect from any prior relationship you had with the scale and begin to look at it just as an objective measurement, which will take all the emotion out of weighing yourself.

4. SET YOUR CALORIE DEFICIT NUMBER - Assess whether your weight went up, down, stayed the same, or you look leaner in your progress pictures. If the scale went down or your pictures look leaner (even if the scale stayed the same) the average number of calories you consumed that week is your calorie deficit number. If it stayed the same or went up, subtract 200-500 calories off your daily average number and set that as your calorie deficit. Follow this for a week.

5. SET YOUR PROTEIN MINIMUM - Once you have hit calorie deficit number with surgical precision for a week (give yourself a variation of 20 calories), set your protein intake minimum. I like to use at least 0.8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight as a minimum (140 pounds * 0.8 = 112 grams of protein).

6. PRE LOG YOUR FOOD FOR A WEEK - hitting your protein minimum with a calorie deficit is tough. My best advice is to pre-log your food first thing in the morning or the night before. Write down all the meals you will eat that day in My Fitness Pal, and change the portions up so you hit your calorie deficit with the appropriate protein. Finding yourself too low on protein? Dial up the portions of the high protein foods you have in there and dial down the carb and fat dominant foods you have in there. This takes practice, but after a week you should have a good idea of what foods, portions, and meals work best for you.

I'm not going to blow smoke up your ass.

Building out the above is easy.

Executing on the above is very hard.

There will be social pressures.

Stress leading to the urge to comfort eat.

Time will seem to be against you.

And everything will seem to be working against you.

And that's why we have the coaching program we have.

Because training and diets are easy for us to build out, the hard part is making it into a lifestyle.

Want to give yourself some insurance and make sure you're able to execute on the above?

Enroll in our 12 Week Transformation:

✅ World’s simplest meal plans

✅ No guesswork training programs

✅ Access to our metabolic knock-your-socks-off zoom personal training sessions

✅ 1 on 1 accountability coaching like a mini Tony Robbins in your ear

Smash the link above, fill in your info, and we'll actually be giving you a call.

Yes, a real human.

Peace and Love,


Owner, DC Fitness

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