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hit the dreaded MOMMY PLATEAU? 3 secrets to break it and easily lose 2-3lbs per week


One of my coaches received this text from one of our Metabolic Momma clients.

When we asked her what's going on, she was frustrated:

🤬 "I haven't lost ANY weight in 4 weeks"

🤬 "My knees are starting to hurt"

🤬 "I have ZERO time to meal prep and exercise. My kids are out of school and I'm overwhelmed to say the least"

Being the sole care taker of your kids is stressful (understatement of the year).

It's tiring. Sometimes boring. It's frazzling thinking of all the things you need to get done. It's can be unrewarding at times. The list goes on.

Pair that stress with that of putting in effort with your diet and exercise...

...Only to see ZERO results.

It's enough to make you snap.

Massive to-do list (including taking care of your own health) ➡️ not accomplishing those to-do's ➡️ lashing out at everyone ➡️ beating yourself up, losing motivation, stop putting in effort ➡️ repeat

This "Mommy Burnout" cycle is real.

And it's normal. Don't confuse that with "ok."

But this momma client was clearly experiencing mommy burnout. AND was hitting a plateau.

...or was she?

Here are 3 secrets we use with all our Metabolic Mommas to smash thru plateaus without starving them, adding in extra cardio, or taking out fun foods and alcohol:


👉 Looking back at this momma's data we found that she hadn't hit a physiological plateau, she was hitting an "adherence plateau." Her weight was stalled because she was under eating calories, over eating on highly inflammatory foods, and going above the amount of prescribed exercise (she started adding in dance workouts unbeknownst (+3 for grammar here🤣) to her coach (the calories and food types were known by her coach who urged her to make the changes during this time). Her metabolism was slowing down from the decreased calories, Once we were able to reverse these 3 with easy and quick lifestyle modifications, we were able to smash this plateau in a week.


👉 This mom was red-lining. Her adrenals were getting blasted from stress and lack of sleep (~5 hours average). We did a quick time study together on how she was spending her time during the week that took about 5 minutes and realized she was watching 3 hours of TV and cooking for another 2 hours EVERY DAY. We decreased TV to 1 hour, supplemented her family meals with our "I HATE COOKING MEAL PREP GUIDE" and gave her another 3 hours in her day to sleep, take a long bath, and get on Sleep Multiplier by Prestige Labs. Her attitude became more positive, her kids no longer were calling her mean, and she "chilled the fuck out" in her own words


👉 Taking out the dance workouts, we were able to focus on being more active with the whole family. Her kids loved the park, so she started taking them there every day and focused on walking more while watching them instead of standing in one spot. We took her step average from 3,000 to 8,000 without adding in extra time to do exercise. Walking is the most underrated fat loss mechanism out there. Why? It decreases cortisol (which will help optimize your hormones and boost your metabolism) and burns more calories. We like our clients to gradually build up to 10,000 with out adding in dedicated walks rather by focusing on just being more active around the house, getting a treadmill desk (if they're also a busy professional), or getting out with the family.

Nutrition, training, and living a healthy lifestyle is NOT EASY. If it were, everyone would be in amazing shape.

But don't make it even harder by getting on a nutrition plan that doesn't allow for any 🍷🍕🧁 or leaves you hungry all day long.

And don't make it harder by doing un-realistic, boring, non-enjoyable workouts.


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