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HORRENDOUS POSTURE? (and how to fix it in as little as 1 minute per day)

My grandma (rest her soul)🙏 had the WORST posture you'd ever seen.

❌I'm not just talking about bad.

This was mind blowing-ly horrible🤯

Picture a human body, but instead of the head sitting on top of the body, it looked like her head was coming out of her chest⬇️

(my Da Vinci-esque re-creation of my grandma's posture)

That's how rounded her posture was👆

Holy shit- did Dylan just posture shame his dead grandma?!

🙅‍♂️ No way! This posture is a VERY COMMON muscle imbalance.

Maybe yours isn't this bad, but it's still bad (or you probably wouldn't be reading this).

Maybe not full QUASIMODO.

But 10-20 more years of doing nothing about it, where will it be?


"Kyphosis," or forward rounded shoulders + forward head posture, is a postural imbalance that can lead to chronic pain 😩 (not just at the neck and shoulders), decreased blood flow 🩸, and an array of other health issues🩺

Worst part? The lumbar spine (low back) compensates by creating an "S" which rounds the low back in the opposite direction...SO...if you have a belly, it will be pushed out and appear bigger than it is🤰

(I know...I should've been a graphic designer)

So how do YOU fix this?

👍Good news: there's a million and one different ways.

👎Bad news: most of them take A LONG ASS TIME.

Time you and I neither have nor are willing to give up.

But the quickest (and most beneficial to the rest of your body) way to correct forward rounded shoulders and forward head posture??




⭕️The diaphragm (breathing muscle) connects to all the core muscles.

And when the core is stabilized (think of a bridge with wires attached...the bridge is your diaphragm and the wires are the muscles of the core that are connected to the diaphragm), the hips and shoulders will be positioned correctly. the more stable the core is from diaphragm breathing, the better your posture at your shoulders, head, and hips will be.


Do this for 30-60 days 1-3x/day and watch how your posture improves.

Seriously, take some side before and after photos and send them here.


1️⃣ Sit in a chair in with your feet on the floor

2️⃣ Looking from the side, you knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle, and your hips should also be at a 90 degree angle. If i were to drop a pin 📌 thru your head from the ceiling, it should go from your head thru your hips. Same with your knees 📌 to the feet.

3️⃣ Take your thumbs pointed behind you, fingers wrapped around your bellow, and put them on the bottom of your ribcage (you may need to poke around to find the last bottom ribs)

4️⃣ Imagine your stomach is a balloon and as you inhale, fill the belly up with air pretending you're pushing air into the balloon

5️⃣ The goal here is to fill the diaphragm up and PUSH OUT YOUR THUMBS BY BREATHING EXPANDING THE DIAPHRAGM LATERALLY👈⭕️👉

6️⃣ Repeat the deep breathing, filling the diaphragm up with air on the inhale, and deeply exhaling, for a total of 1 minute.

🤔Why does this work?

It allows the diaphragm to expand in a 360 degree motion, which will stabilize the core and allow the everything above and below to function properly with the right posture.

This breathing is freaking awesome. And the best added benefit is that the diaphragm also has a ton of "rest and digest" (parasympathetic nervous system) sensors so it will chill you out while you're stressed to the gills at work.

For best results, add in functional exercise alongside the breathing drills.

Want to learn how? Enroll in our 90 day data driven system to optimize your posture and transform your body without endless hours spent working out and meal prepping:

Dedicated to the war against "quasimodo" posture,


Owner, DC Fitness

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