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how a mom of 3 lost 21 lbs in 12 wks while still eating meals out and not stressing about calories

Katie just finished our 12 Week Metabolic Momma Method.

And she just gave one of the most raw and real interviews I've had in a while.

Katie never had to do anything to maintain her weight growing up, in fact doctors would tell her routinely that she needed to GAIN weight.

Until she hit 40.

Torn ACL.

Having 3 teenage kids.

Mommy metabolism kicking in HARD.

She could no longer just do what she used to do to get in shape.

It was actually kind of cool that she never had any experience with diet coming into the program.

Especially the fact that the average woman starts a diet 5x per year.

That's a real stat.

She had some very interesting hesitations before doing the 12 Week Metabolic Momma method.

And her experience with those hesitations during the program I believe are helpful for any of you moms with young kids just on the struggle bus and want to see results without tearing your hair out.

Watch above or listen on Spotify HERE.


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