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how lindsey eats 2,100 calories at 110lbs without gaining weight (hint: it's not genetics)

In marketing, there's method called the "ideal client avatar." The ideal client avatar is the person who you love working with and gets the best results with your service/product.

Enter Lindsey: mom of 2 young kids, wife, and part-time administrator for her husband's business. She's hyper organized, personal growth oriented, self aware, and a total sweetheart.

When I write marketing emails like this, I'm writing to the Lindsey's of the world!

Lindsey joined our program after having done another online coaching program.

The last online coaching program she had done, the coaches had her eating in a calorie deficit and doing tons of cardio.

She didn't feel like the program was sustainable, nor was she seeing results, so with the suggestion of a family member (who lost 90lbs on our program), she reached out.

When we first spoke, Lindsey was frustrated. She wasn't seeing progress although she was putting in a ton of work on her diet and training.

Her energy was low.

She no longer felt as confident and enthusiastic as she once did.

Lindsey just wanted to fit comfortably back into her clothes and get back in control of her body.

As a busy professional and mom of two, it was also hard finding the time for herself, so she needed something that would fit to her schedule.

So we got her strength training 3-4x/week. Eating anti-inflammatory foods. And structurally had her eating more food on a reverse diet.

We started at 1100 calories. And over 90 days we climbed up to 2,100 calories.

Did she gain weight?

Nope. She lost 15lbs (she's only 5'2 btw).

Her energy was back.

She was excited to take on the day.

And she just felt back in control of her body.

Under the hood, we basically rebalanced her hormones and metabolism, which gave us the above result.

We kept things simple for Lindsey to execute and gave week to week adjustments on her nutrition and training.

We used nutritional and exercise data to make our changes, and took out all the emotion and guess work.

Our field tested and data driven program allows for us to guarantee our client results. Interested in finding out more about our 90 Day Metabolic Momma Method? Go to to find out more :-)


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