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Face it- your hormones are eff'd.

This is especially the case for you moms with young kids.

You can feel it with the weird changes in your body (night sweats, strange energy dips, interesting new body odors, etc).

But you feel it especially in your metabolism.

You eat nothing and gain weight.

Shit, it feels like you even look at food you gain weight.

Coaches will tell you to go into a calorie deficit. No matter what.

Which will further mess up your hormones and metabolism.

So even if you lose the weight, you'll gain it all back.

That's why we created our 90 Day Mommy Metabolic Method.

So not only can you lose the weight and get TONED AF, you can actually keep it off for good.

Because now you have a new body weight/composition + a metabolism SUPERCHARGED.

So even if you ate like a crazy person, you'd still have your new set point or "homeostasis" for your new low weight.

It's science.

It's boring, but it's my life.

Rosanlinda - who wanted to quit after 30 days because her metabolism was so jacked, stuck it out, trusted the process, and lost 17 pounds in 2 months (she's only 5'1 for reference so that's a shit ton of weight on her tiny frame).

There's a reason your average training and diet programs aren't working for you.

There's a reason you gain the weight right back after losing it all.

It's called hormones. And more in detail, how your metabolism as it's affected by your hormones.

Take the time to rebuild your metabolism and you'll be happy you did.

Smarter, not harder. Patience...


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