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how to fix your slow metabolism in 90 days for faster fat loss (without starving yourself)

Imagine 2 cars:

Car #1 has been putting 87 in it's tank.

Car #2 has been putting 91 in it's tank.

Which one will break down faster?

Which one will run better?

This is the same thing with your body.

Put an overwhelming amount of low quality foods, specifically those that cause inflammation, and "poof" there goes your hormones and metabolism in the gutter.

But unlike gasoline, you can put a mix of low inflammatory foods AND high inflammatory foods.

How well your body runs is on a continuum rather than a fixed endpoint.

Processed foods, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, red meat, all cause various levels of inflammation in the body.

And eating a certain percentage of your diet will more-so determine the level of inflammation in your body (i.e. 80% clean non-processed foods and 20% nutrient devoid foods).

Which is why combining our Anti-Aging Food Guide with the "10-20% rule" will shoot your metabolism up but also allow you to:

- Eat more food without gaining weight

- Have better mental clarity and skin complexion

- Create a sustainable diet by creating "diet breaks" with cheat foods

Everyone knows the best diet is "one in moderation."

But no one seems to have quantified that yet.

If you want access to our Anti-Aging Food Guide...

Join my FREE Metabolic Momma Secrets Facebook group and it's all yours!


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