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I hate cooking part 2: Complete RALPH/WALMART/PUBLIX/VONS shopping list

I wanted to make something simple for the clients to reference when doing their healthy grocery shopping to limit any cooking.

I've divided it by protein, carb, fats, and vegetables for ease to follow!

These are pretty anti-inflammatory, so you should feel improvements in:

- Mental Clarity

- Skin Complexion

- Energy

- Speed of Fat Loss

Feel free to share and save!

Shopping list_1
Download PDF • 7.07MB


- Cooked rotisserie chicken breast

- Canned tuna

- Tyson's pre-cooked chicken breast

- Pre-cooked frozen salmon

- Pre-cooked frozen talapia

- Pre-cooked frozen turkey burgers

- Pre-cooked frozen scallops

- 96% lean 4 ounce hamburger patties

- Tofu

- Tempeh

- Cottage cheese

- Greek yogurt

- Dairy free yogurts (Fage, Silk, Chobani, Siggi's...also will say "lactose free")


- Ben's Original Instant Brown Rice

- Ben's Original Instant White Rice

- Minute Instant Rice & Quinoa

- Red Potato (poke holes in it, wrap it in a wet paper cloth, and microwave for 5-6 minutes)

- Sweet Potato (poke holes in it, wrap it in a wet paper cloth, and microwave for 5-6 minutes)

- Beans - Black, Pinto, Chickpeas

- Sprouted Grain Bread

- Quaker Instant 1-Minute Rolled Oats

- Quaker Instant 5-Minute Steel Cut Oats

- Frozen Fruit

- Fresh Fruit

- Frozen Berries

- Fresh Berries


- Avocados

- Nuts (except peanuts)

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

- Avocado Oil

- Any Nut Butters


- Bagged Veggies (any type...easiest to poke holes and microwave to steam)

- Frozen Veggies

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