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if you work 50+ hour weeks and want to get super lean READ THIS

I had a conversation with my father in the law the other day:

"How's business?"

"Pretty chill right now."

👸🏼My wife cut in and reminded me I had been working 12+ hour days and at least another 8 on Saturday for the last couple of months.

I stopped, and realized I had in fact been working a ton.

Why was I so surprised at this?

Because in the past when I was working 60-70 hour weeks it also meant:

❌No workouts or inconsistent

❌Stress eating like a mother-freaker

❌Diet good for a couple days then completely falling off for a couple days

❌Zero date nights with the wifey

❌No hanging with the baby

Just like most of you reading this, I was in survival mode ⚔️.

Doing nothing to get ahead and just holding on.

Maybe you're not as far out as I was.

Maybe you wake up with really good intentions, hit your workouts, but then Friday comes along. You kick your feet up and have a glass of wine. 1 glass turns into 3. You planned to get after your workouts and nutrition this week but instead hit the snooze on your alarm to workout. Ah, too late now, I have to take care of the kids and run all these errands.

Your spouse asks you to go out to lunch. You plan on ordering healthy, but you're kind of hung over and don't have the will power to battle your spouse who urges you to order burgers.

You see where I'm going with this? do you make sure you stop getting derailed and actually get out in front of this?

Here are my top 5:

1️⃣Go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier - even on the weekends.

2️⃣Stop drinking. You're killing your work productivity, health, and physique by reaching for comfort at night. If you're working 50+ hour weeks and want to still have a life and kill it with your fitness goals, this has got to go. You can have a conversation about re-introducing it once you reach your end goals.

3️⃣Calendar every minute of your day. Everything work related, social hangouts, date nights, time with the family AND GUARD IT WITH YOUR LIFE

4️⃣Go to your fridge/pantry - and input all the food you will eat that day into my fitness pal

5️⃣Work out first thing in the morning 4x/week

Watch the video above - I go deep into detail in each of the 5 and why they work so well.

✌️ DC

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