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Just a Spoiled Kid From Calabasas...

I have a love hate relationship growing up in Calabasas.

Loved it because it was safe, beautiful, many of my friends had massive houses and insane lifestyles.

But hated it because of how much of an entitled, lazy, negative, little brat it made me.

Whenever people ask me where I'm from I just say "Agoura" (the bordering city).

I'm truly ashamed of being from there. Because it reminds me of a past version me I have no desire to get back to.

So how did a spoiled kid from Calabasas go from:

💩 Skipping school pretending I was sick 1-2x/week

💩 Un-disciplined C student

💩 Never working a day in his life until age 17

💩 Doing drugs and drinking on the regular

💩 Man boobs

💩 Selfish- never helping anyone

💩 Massive insecurities


💎 Waking up at 4am

💎Training 4x/week at 5am

💎Hitting macronutrient targets for months on end 99.5% of the time

💎Teaching others more discipline

💎Building 2 separate businesses focused around helping others

💎Maintaining 12-14% body fat year round

Easy - I realized the pain being labeled as weak, entitled, spoon-fed, undisciplined, insecure, negative...


I wake up weak, lazy, entitled, negative, undisciplined, every single day.

But I realize that.

And take massive actions daily that are aligned with the version of myself I want to be: hard-working, disciplined, positive, selfless.

Are you unhappy with the person you are?

Hell, I'm still not completely satisfied where I'm at now. I'm happily dissatisfied as Wes Watson would say.

⚠️ Notice your kids are picking up on the same bad food and exercise habits as you?

⚠️ Spouse is losing respect for you?

⚠️ Waking up hungover a couple times a week?

⚠️ Joints achy?

⚠️ Trouble tying your shoe?

⚠️ Out of breath doing simple tasks?

The time is now.

Time to wake up and take a hard look in the mirror.

You know that voice in the back of your head telling you that you're not good enough?

Take positive action OF SELF-LOVE to silence it.

Nothing is more loving to your self than investing into yourself.

Healthy foods. Books. Workouts. Coaching. Supplementation.

Silence the negative self talk. Everyone has it, the difference is you're aware of it RIGHT NOW and are deciding to take massive action against it.

- DC👊

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One of your best write-up Dylan . More so because its motivating and has a personal story attached to it.

Replying to

appreciate that tanu- hoping it helps someone out there


Darryl Pikoos
Darryl Pikoos
Jul 30, 2021

Great story- I can relate growing up in Calabasas as well.

Good motivation for change!


Replying to

Happy to hear that it motivated 👊

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