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Lizzo's bathroom dance after gaining weight (my response)

Just warning you, you're probably going to be surprised by my response.

You'll actually probably hate it.

You may even try to cancel me.

You may be thinking wow this guy is ruining the world.




Because the more positive response to getting on the scale, whether it goes up or down, the more we can dissociate any negative emotion towards the scale.

Have you ever stepped on the scale and felt guilt, shame, stress, or any feelings of failure?

Have you ever NOT stepped on the scale to avoid those same feelings?

I always advise my coaches to give positive reinforcements to any deviations.

It's something I actually learned from my coach.

The first time I went "off plan" and ate a burger, the first thing my coach said was "good for you for having a burger and still continuing with the plan after!!! Was it good?"

Why do we give positive reinforcements to deviations from the diet and training model we setup for our clients?

Three reasons:

  1. It encourages our clients to communicate when they deviate instead of ghosting and trying to do something crazy on their own to overcompensate to correct

  2. When clients don't adhere to the diet or training, whatever caused them to get off track will 99.9% happen again (travel, stress, lack of preparation), so it's a great time for us to sit down and strategize and create habit change

  3. If a client continues to derail with the same thing (i.e. everytime they go out to dinner), it shows us that whatever strategy or plan we set them up with is not realistic or enjoyable.

So, I love Lizzo celebrating something that she has obviously in the past thought of as a negative.

I also agree that those who struggle with obesity should love their body.

But, I don't agree with how they're loving their body.

Not nourishing your body with nutritious food or activity is not loving yourself.

Comfort eating, binge eating, and over eating is not self love.

So yes, celebrate the body you have, but also make sure you are taking action to give it the TLC it needs.

Lizzo is teaching us (probably without knowing it) that no matter what the scale shows we should be positive towards that number.

Do you have a shitty relationship with the scale?

Weigh yourself daily and start looking at the weekly averages

The reason you and I have a shitty relationship with the scale is because we're basing it on one number that will not give us any accuracy or idea of what is actually happening.

Weekly averages allow us to delay any emotion towards the scale number and see it as an objective measurement instead of a subjective measurement.

Data > Emotions.

I'm out,


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