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looking for 3 moms who want to lose 10+ pounds without logging their food or going to the gym...

Food logging is the fastest and most fail-proof way to lose body fat.

But it isn’t the only way.

And logging your food for the rest of your life isn’t sustainable.

For me, logging my food for years on end perpetuated an “all in/all out” mentality.

If I wasn’t logging and hitting my macros, I would fly completely off the rails because “it wasn’t perfect, so what’s the point?”

It wasn’t until I developed my Phasic Instinctual Eating Method that I learned to get lean and stay lean without tracking my food, and it finally ended the “all in all out” mentality.

If you’re a mom with young kids, want to lose 10+ pounds and sky rocket your energy without monotonously logging your food EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. For the rest of your life. Email me back “MOMMA” to learn more.

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