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Metabolic Momma 15-Minute 🍑+🦵 MASH UP

Your baby is finally down for a nap.

But you have a to-do list building up of laundry, cleaning, food prep, and answering emails.

You're stressed AF.

Frustrated because you can't find time to workout.

Tired because you barely slept.

And just haven't moved your body purposely for days and it's feigning for some love.

The butt is the biggest muscle in the human body.

So when you hit it that means:

📈 More energy used (boosting metabolism).

🧬 More optimal hormone secretion (estrogen, thyroid, testosterone).

🧘‍♀️ A strong rest/digest response so you can feel more relaxed after (which happens when you're pushing your body hard).

Eliciting a hard workout will give you a strong "fight or flight" response.

And the body will "super-compensate" by eliciting a "rest and digest" response.

So you'll feel more relaxed, less stressed, and more mentally clear.

Here's a 15 minute metabolic leg circuit that will give you a quick boost of energy and a metabolic boost, all you need is a couch or a sturdy chair:

1️⃣ Split Squats x10/side

2️⃣ Step Ups with Knee Drive x10/side

3️⃣ Reverse Alternating Lunges x10/side

4️⃣ Split Squats Jumps x10/side

😴 Rest for 2 minutes.

🔁 Repeat 2 more rounds.

👊 15 Minutes total.

Watch the video above for exercise cues and focus points!

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