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The cycle (from @brookeweinst):

Mom mode → tackling your to do list and doing it better than last time

Overwhelm → not able to complete everything

Crash & Burn → lashing out at others

Guilt & Shame

A mommy client of mine was experiencing the above.

We actually had a term for it: “child jail”

Just feeling like you can’t get everything done and you’re always behind.

It was effecting her sleep, her health, and her habits.

We scaled back, focused on eating inflammatory foods with no calorie cap, adding in structural cheat meals, and getting in movement daily (not structured exercise).

The result?

⚡️Energy off the charts.

🧘‍♀️Felt calm and at peace.

🙌Felt like she could continue these habits indefinitely.

ANDDDDDD...she lost 15 lbs in 12 weeks in the process.

Let’s stop making our lives a to do list.

That has to get done or else.

And keep things simple.

And always remember, human behavior will destroy any “system” you set up for yourself.

So when you deviate, don’t beat yourself up. Create another simple strategy, or go back to the one you started with, and take small simple actions.

The base of everything is your health and well being.

So find ways to simplify your healthy eating, exercise, and lifestyle like:

- Getting in bed an hour earlier than normal

- Drink half your body weight in ounces

- Choose anti-inflammatory foods over processed foods

- Use child play time as your activity time

You got this. And I'm in your corner🤝


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