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moms...let's be honest. your just not a priority anymore...

Last Thursday I took my 70 pound lapdog, Prince, to play fetch at "Airport Park" (right behind the Santa Monica airport).

Such an epic day out. 70 degrees. Sunny. Light breeze. The grass was green. I had slept great the night before...everything was going well.

About 10 minutes into throwing the ball with the Artist Formerly Known As (which 8 minutes were just keep-away), I snatched my phone impulsively out of my pocket to check my email.

There were 2 emails from the pre-schools we had applied for!

Flash back to months of looking at schools, talking about what our lives may be like at each, and getting mentally invested (and financially, this s** ain't cheap!).

I was smashed when I read the emails:

"We are sorry to inform you Julie has been waitlisted for the 2022 fall school year. If you'd like to stay on the waitlist..."


All this effort, months of waiting, and she's not getting in.

For now, at least...but still...

I called my wife. She was crying. I felt horrible...

This woman had given up so much and invested so much into our daughter's future and well-being.

Compounded by the fact that she had given up so much for last 2 years of her life...

Giving up her career.

Giving up her freedom.

And giving up a part of her to raise a child.

The most selfless act on earth is motherhood.

So selfless that you forget to take care of yourself and instead do an amazing job at taking care of anyone around you.

Do you feel guilt and shame anytime you do something for yourself?

Anytime you ask your parents or friends to watch your kids?

We have it in our subconscious that doing things for ourselves is selfish. Or that we're not worth investing the time in ourselves. Or it doesn't matter because we're just going to give up on whatever self-care routine, just like we've done in the past so many times.

But prioritizing your recovery, nutrition, and training is actually the most selfless act.

This is a big mindset shift for my Metabolic Mommas.

This the mental shift that gets to happen before moms get super lean, skyrocket their energy, and feel sexy and confident again.

Those results are just a byproduct of the mindset.

Understanding that the reason we're improving our health IS NOT FOR US.

Sure it feels amazing to be super lean, high energy, getting compliments, etc.

But the real reason we're doing it?

For our kids.

So we don't snap at our kids because we feel so exhausted.

So our kids don't pick up on our shitty habits.

So we don't look in the mirror first thing in the morning and feel unhappy with our appearance, or just brain fog from the highly inflammatory diet and lifestyle we lead, and then we are just "in a mood," according to our kids.

Prioritizing ourselves is the most selfless thing you can do.

I'm a dad who feels guilty every time I'm not helping with my daughter, but I can't begin to comprehend what you mothers must feel.

So, if you're having trouble prioritizing yourself...

...just remember why you're doing it in the first place.

To show and prove to yourself that you are important. That you exist. That you are a priority. That you are worth it.


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