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my last email...

This is regarding my last email of the mom who last 30+ pounds in a short couple of months.

My wife read the email:

"That was intense."

If you forgot, Victoria had lost the weight after not seeing results with multiple other programs...for years on end.

She was tired, cranky, and just confused and frustrated on what she should do:

Should I see a gut doctor and hormone specialist?

The feeling of unease that your body is no longer in your control no matter what you do.

The feeling of saying "f*** it" because nothing is working and you're overwhelmed on what you should be doing.

THAT, paired with the constant demand to make sure your kids have what they need and are taken care of.


Tires me out just thinking about it.

👉 Are you an overworked mom who is overwhelmed with where to start so you can boost your metabolism and rapidly lose body fat with ease?

👉 Not seeing results regardless of what diet and exercise program you do?

👉 Continually losing track of yourself after a couple days of eating right and exercising because something happened with your child that requires your full attention?


Watching my wife and other moms that have been thru my program who initially struggled to make themselves not only a priority, but also get their energy back and start enjoying life again...

The biggest advice I have for you overworked moms with young kids who want to lose weight and get their energy back...

There's a way to do this...

...and a way NOT to do this...

How NOT to do this:

❌Tons of cardio

❌Exercise and meal plans that take time AWAY from your family

❌Energy depleting nutrition guides that make you even more irritable, sluggish, and starving

How TO DO this:

👌Realistic exercise 3x/week or less

👌Doing more active activities with the family

👌Food prep that saves time

👌Eating out and cheat meal methods that make fat loss simple and sustainable

😁Get your confidence back

😥Stop avoiding wearing the clothes you want to because you hate how you look in them

😁Sky rocket your energy

😥Stop waiting to prioritize yourself (even though, yes, I know this goes against every grain of your being)

😁Start looking forward to your days again and smashing thru your to-do lists with ease

👉I am taking on 5 more overworked moms with young kids that want to fix their broken mommy metabolism and hormones, lose 15+ pounds of mom weight with ease, and get natural and sustained energy to gain more confidence and start prioritizing themselves. All without going to the gym, weight loss pills, or trying to figure out what they're supposed to eat (we do the work for you).


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