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Rebel Wilson's 77 pound weight loss - did she do it wrong???

Rebel Wilson has lost 77 pounds on the "Mayr Diet" and has kept it off for over a year now.

Many "experts" called this weight loss dramatic and not sustainable.

Just because you have an RD after your name by the way, does not make you an expert.

In fact most of these "experts" and "gurus" have no idea what works for a diverse group of clientele because their normal fulfilment is:

- Initially meeting and cookie cutter meal plan that's too specific to follow

- Don't check in for a full week until next meeting which is a week or two later

- Make adjustments and give general recommendations

- Meet with them again

- Write book

I'm done with my rant, but my point is unless you're in the trenches every single day with tons of clients with a great than 50% client success rate, please stop making blanket statements and calling yourself an expert.

So WTF is the Mayr diet?

From my understanding, it typically starts with a fast or detox, then 3 meals with no snacks, dinner is the smallest meal, focusing on chewing food longer and more thoroughly, stopping when you're satiated, eat whole foods, and no raw foods after 3pm.

The diet seems to be focused around "gut health," which is great but really no significant effect on weight loss.

I like the intuitive eating approach to eating foods longer and stopping when you're satiated.

The focus on gut health for weight loss is a joke.

And I hate the sustainability factor of the diet.

So why has Rebel Wilson been able to sustain her weight loss?

Working with many clientele who have their own private chef, I can tell you first hand how easy it is to stick to literally any diet model when you don't have to make any food decisions.

Is the weight loss dramatic?

Absolutely not. It's less than 2 lbs per week.

If she ate normally would she gain the weight back?

Most likely.

What would my clients do instead?

Metabolic Priming Phase into Phasic Instinctual Eating Method.

Daily or every other day cheat meals or alcohol.

And not "be on a diet" after they've finished the Metabolic Priming Phase.

Look, I love intuitive eating. Eat when you're hungry stop when you're full.

But most of us don't have a calibration point to understand how much food they should actually be eating. they've been under or over eating for so long their bodies think that's what they need.

I'd give her diet model a strong C+.

But good on her for committing and getting the job done regardless of the backlash from the body positivity movement and even her team trying to keep her type cast.


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