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Science Sucks...

I love how all my dumb friends have become scientists with all this COVID stuff.

I don't talk about politics so I'm not going there.

But I will say that sometimes science sucks.

At Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, located on the central coast of Cali, I decided to embark on my educational path thru exercise science. I remember the feeling when one of my mentors was raving about new research on the paleo diet, and how it seemed conclusively that it would just work for everyone. I felt even more arrogant than my entitled Calabasas a$$ had been before because I knew the answers and no one else didn't.

A lot like you, I had "kind of been doing paleo:" eating paleo 60% of the time during the week, then on weekends going to SLO Brew Co and getting obliterated on Natty Lights, shot of whatever I could get my hands on, and molly.

A couple months into paleo, I said screw this it's not working for me.

I started researching online and finding research that proved that paleo actually DID NOT work.

"Ah-ha! I knew it."

Research let me off the hook.

It wasn't the drugs and alcohol that stopped me from seeing results.

The research showed that paleo didn't work.

Whenever something's not working for us, we look for evidence to let us off the hook.

And a lot of that evidence is thru science.

I get results for my clients. I don't need research to back every single one of my practices up, I'll just show you all their progress pictures and testimonials.

But YOU blame science and the "how" for why you aren't where you want to.

"It's the diet- it doesn't work."

"That training program wasn't a good fit for me."

Seriously, Karen?

You can't really believe that deep down.

That saying about YOU blaming external factors and other people?

Your kids and friends are seeing you point fingers. They see right thru it...that you didn't do the work. And you're setting a bad example.

Are you going to continue to be a victim and act in a scarcity mindset?

Or are you going to take responsibility LIKE AN ADULT and do what you need to do to get where you need to be.

Most diet books will tell you it's not your fault! It's the diet you were doing that's at fault.


Because you lacked the discipline necessary to have success.

Not seeing results?

- Are you counting every macro to the T?

- Are you hitting your workouts with MASSIVE INTENSITY?

- You pushing to get 7 hours of sleep?

- Drinking a gallon of water?

- Are you doing the above every single day WITH NO DAYS OFF??!

I know 99% of us will find an out. A reason not to do something.

Whether it's science, our friend Karen telling us "you look great, why do you need to eat healthy?" or our negative self talk telling us we'll never get where we want to be so why bother?

But there are 1% who will try to defy the odds.

The warrior.

And if you're still reading this it's not by chance.

You are that warrior within. It's time to shed the bullshit, by practicing your daily disciplines to reveal that warrior.


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