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The #1 Reason Why You're Not Shredded

No, it's not your diet.

No, it's not your training.

The #1 reason you aren't shredded is because you have A FIXED MINDSET instead of a GROWTH MINDSET.

Everyone makes excuses.

No time.

No money.

Too hard.

But the difference between where you're at right now is that YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE YOUR EXCUSES.

It's time to WAKE UP!!!

Because every reason you're coming up with the reason you're not at your physique and health in your head right now IS AN EXCUSE.

People that are more successful THAN YOU in anyway make excuses.

The difference is they know they're excuses, and they take massive action to shut the "excuse brain" off.

Are you tired of just coasting thru life?

Do you expect more from yourself but continually fall flat on your face?


And realize YOU DON'T KNOW.


We're open for coaching, and if you're serious about getting your physique, weight loss, health, lifestyle goals, then reply back to this email "I'M IN." Please do not email me if you're not ready to put in some REAL WORK and INVEST IN YOURSELF.

No secrets, here's the full program:

💎 Custom Training Program

💎 Custom Meal Plan and/or Macros Coaching

💎 1 on 1 Orientation

💎 Daily Progress Check Ins Thru our App

💎 24/7 Access To Your Coach Thru Our App

💎 Weekly Progress Check Ins With Custom Game Plan for Following Week

💎 Bi-Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls

💎 Access to 3x/week 60min Zoom Cardio Sessions

💎 Weekly Group 60min Live Q & A With Me

I don't care if you're a man, woman, white, black, purple, a circle, square,...we can get you where you want to. There's nothing more I'm convicted then in life that if you do this program 150% effort, are coachable, and ready to stop believing your WILL see results.

Love you family!


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