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The Deciding Factor Between You Seeing Results or Not

Dang, is Dylan about to write another article about results being 80% nutrition!?

Is he about to talk about preparation and daily accountability?

Maybe it's just click bait again like the time he wrote "My Last Email..." in a subject line (which actually just turned out to be referencing the previous email he wrote)?


None of the above.

Myself and my team get our client's results.

Most of them get results pretty fast. Getting 2-3 pounds per week.

But some of them don't.

Some clients don't see results for 6 months to even 2 years.

But they do get to their end result.

And a small percentage don't see any results.

There's literally only 1 deciding factor.

The clients who see results...drum role please...see results because THEY DON'T GIVE UP.

That's literally it.

The others quit on themselves, the program, the coach, etc.

The worst part about my job is watching people quit.

Because not only do I know it my heart of hearts they will eventually see results.

But also because I know whatever program they jump to next the chance of success is very very small.

Not saying we have the best program in all the land.

But we do have the most adaptable program in all the land.

I wanted to write this post to anyone out there struggling.

I got a DM last week "how do i not get discouraged when I see other people getting faster/better results than me."

It's tough.

But just know that what you're doing to better your health isn't just doing's making you a better person.

A role model your kids will look up to and form better habits from.

The person who is in such positive spirits because they just feel so dang good being healthy that they brighten someone else's day.

Just keep going.

Because the alternative that looks so great while we're struggling...the idea of just doing what you want and not having consequences for your actually the darkest and most depressing thing ever.

Trust me, I've been there. Especially during the beginning of the pandemic. I don't wish that upon my worst of enemies.

And I know how mentally it affects you.

Clients just being straight up mean to coaches for no reason. Just being super difficult.

To 8 weeks later, weight down, inflammation cleaned up, energy sky rocketed, they become the nicest most loving people ever.

Keep going. Keep pushing. You got this shit!

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