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👉the REAL reason you're stuck in a plateau (hint: it's not nutrition, training, or recovery)

Your diet, training, and recovery are perfect.

But you're not seeing results.

Need a reverse diet?

Not training hard enough?

Do you just need to be patient?

Get more sleep?


BUT, there's one missing factor that will be the foundation of you breaking thru your plateau. I'm going to tell you what it is, and 3 quick easy ways you can immediately implement it.

I saw the best results with my coach the first 4 months of us coaching together. My adherence was perfect. I lost 35 pounds. I was getting simply shredded. Veins on my abs, compliments by others, it felt amazing.

Then I had my first deviation on had a binge eating episode. It was the first day I had messed up on my diet. It took me MONTHS until I was able to get back on track. And it was truly never as good as that first run (until I changed this one thing last year to get the leanest I've ever been). I couldn't shake this plateau for the better part of 2 years.

So what was the underlying issue as to why I was stuck...

...and the reason you are, too...

...and this may sound a little "woo-woo..."


Really let this settle in for a second.

If someone asked you if you truly believe you could actually break thru the plateau and get the physique of your dreams, you'll take a second and think.

Logically, you think if your diet, nutrition, and recovery were all perfect, yes you can see results. Sounds great theoretically. But do you actually believe you can do what's necessary to obtain it?

Subconsciously, how do you really feel?

The placebo effect has been vastly research.

An inexplicable phenomenon that some thing is causing a positive change in the body and/or mind.

But that some thing cannot be explained.

Now, if someone asked you if a crayon that was the color blue, was actually blue, you would undoubtedly say: "blue." Think of how you would answer this. Would you second guess yourself and have to think about it? Or would you just state it as though you would be dumb to even question whether the crayon was blue?

How would you answer if someone asked you if it was possible to get your dream body, health, or performance?

Would you answer them so confidently and positively sure that you would instill belief in the person who asked?

Or would you think on it first?

OK, so I need to believe first. That makes sense.

But how do I TRULY believe in myself?

Especially when I've lost belief in myself with past failed attempts?

Here are 3 quick and easy ways to set your beliefs so that you can achieve anything you set your mind to:

1️⃣ Be biased - Republicans hang out and listen to other Republicans. Democrats do the same thing. Both believe so strongly in their party's opinions it's ingrained in them like a religion. As if it's insane to believe the opposite. Bias the information you receive from podcasts, those you follow on social media, articles and magazines you read, and people you hang out with. Ingrain the belief that you will get toned AF, improve your health markers, and feel high energy. Believe it as strong as the color blue is the color blue.

2️⃣ Speak to your subconscious - your subconscious thoughts become your conscious actions. Affirmations work great. Positive self talk works great. Meditation and listening to your thoughts work great. I always hear something along the lines of people not believing in themselves. Not thinking they can actually achieve what they set out to. Well, what in the world are you actually doing TO believe in yourself? What actions are you taking?

3️⃣ Be vulnerable AF - Men are commonly thought of "fixers" during conversations when women just wanted to talk. Recent research is showing that more and more women are becoming fixers due to limited time and brain capacity to have to sit and really listen. So women, especially our metabolic mommas, are not able to just vent to their friends. The problem is, holding in these subconscious limiting beliefs only compounds these thoughts of limiting beliefs into actual beliefs. When you speak these limiting beliefs out loud, one or two things will happen. Either you'll realize how absolutely crazy your limiting belief is and no longer believe it, OR you'll think of the solution while you're venting or afterwards.

They say you are a product of those you surround yourself with.

Which is why our Metabolic Mommas see such great results when they enter the program.

Not only do they have a coach checking in with them daily with our "White on Rice" Accountability System, but they also have a team of other badass mommas in their corner.

Believe in YOU.

Because you CAN do this.

And once you BELIEVE, your actions will support this thought.

Let's get it!


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