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top 10 fat loss supplements for mommas ranked worst to best

When "gurus" on social media slam fat loss supplements, I always laugh a little.

The research is there.

The field testing is there.

It's like getting your doctorate in astronomy but still believing the earth is flat.

Sure, there are some BS supps that you SHOULD NOT touch, but there are some solid ones out there that should be taken into consideration or at least made aware of.

And some of them have some GNARLY SIDE EFFECTS that make the application not worth it.

I'm basing this on efficacy as well as my coaching experience with the 800+ mommas I've directly worked with.

Fat loss supplements are typically categorized by:

🔷 Appetite suppressants

🔷 Thermogenics

Appetite suppressants are anything that signal to the brain you're full and satisfied.

Thermogenics are various supplements that heat up your body. When your body is warmer, it burns more calories.

So which are the best? Which are the worst? First, let me explain this is my personal opinion.

I'm not a doctor.

I'm just a dude that's coached a long time and has been able to read research, field test, and draw my conclusion.

I'll stop ranting and start giving you the list from WORST (10) to BEST (1).

10. Phentermine - You can typically only find this in pharmacy's in Mexico now, but this is the most gnarly appetite suppressant out there. It's an amphetamine (which is horrible for you), and although it may increase your focus and energy while suppressing your appetite, the side effects (psychosis, delirium, panic attacks, heart failure) are definitely just not worth it.

9. Raspberry Ketones - Found in raspberries, these claim to get you into a fat burning state. Misleading AF, because yes ketones are a by product of fat metabolism in the body, but that is DIETARY FAT not FAT FROM OUR BODY. Plus, there's no weight loss research with solely raspberry ketones (it's only been used in combination)

8. Vitamin D - It was long thought that since people who are overweight or obese + have low Vitamin D, that must be why they're overweight. Correlation does not mean causation. There's no direct proof that this supplement being low in people will make the gain weight or not be able to lose it.

7. Probiotics - It's important to have good gut health. Even though probiotics don't really promote that (that's an argument for another time), good gut health doesn't mean increased metabolism, suppressed appetite, or both.

6. Guar Gum - This one is actually pretty effective in terms of suppressing your appetite, it's definitely not worth it from the amount of stomach pain you'll be in (farting, diarrhea, nausea, cramps, abdominal pain). This stuff gives me the worst gas EVER.

5. GLP-1 Agonist Group - I wrote a post on this almost a year ago, but the GLP-1 agonists group (liraglutide, semaglutide, dulaglutide) was marked as the most efficacious fat loss supplement to date. Although it may be more constituted as a drug, the effects and research are there. I've tried it before and it does the deed. BUT, your tolerance builds up VERY FAST. They're pricey AF. And the side effects suck. The worst side effect I had was that I was just always tired. Not worth it if you're chasing your kids around all day.

4. Ashwaganda - This is SUPER EFFECTIVE for my stress eaters out there. I call these "chill pills." Just chills you out and in some cases gives you a little euphoria. It's the difference between my mommas stress eating an entire peanut butter jar to having just a spoonful.

3. L-Carnitine - I read "The Carnitine Miracle" around 2008 and saw the author Robert Crayon (RIP) speak that year. I was blown away by the amount of research on L-Carnitine, specifically in fat mobilization. Very powerful, works, and is in every great fat loss supp out there i've ever used.

2. Green tea extract - very powerful thermogenic. Also contains zero caffeine so you can take it later in the day.

1️⃣ Caffeine - Most powerful appetite suppressant out there with the most minimal side effects.


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