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top 5 metabolic momma foods that won't break your bank account

Eating metabolic anti-inflammatory foods will increase your energy, boost your metabolism, and optimize your hormones.

But it can also be more expensive compared to eating less nutrient dense foods.

It can easily add up, and all of the sudden not only did you just pay for a new program, but you're also paying more for food now.

Sticking to the core of my intake coming from these anti-inflammatory foods below as well as these various tactics allowed me to spend ~$200/month.

Here were my top 5 go-to cost effective Metabolic Anti-Inflammatory Foods:

  1. Bananas - $0.25 each

  2. Chicken Breast - $4.42/lb

  3. Frozen Skinless Wild-Caught Salmon Fillets - $5.28/lb

  4. Tri-Colored Quinoa - $0.20/oz

  5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - $0.24/fl oz

A couple notes on the above:

- I buy all my food from Walmart. Cheap, great quality, wide selection.

- You DON'T NEED TO BUY ORGANIC. Organic is nice but not necessary.

- Pre-plan your whole week to make sure you're buying the exact right amount.

Food type is the least important for fat loss, but it's still important. Imagine putting 91 gas in your system vs 87. It's going to run a lot more efficiently, thus your metabolism and physiological processes responsible for fat loss will be running more efficiently.

If you're feeling restricted, opt for 10-20% of your foods coming from "fun foods" and alcohol. I should do a cost effective fun foods and alcohol post next lol.


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