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Why You Don't Need To Lift Weights For Fat Loss

There are MANY benefits to building muscle. However there are a lot of misconceptions about weight lifting and fat loss that need to DIE!

You can do certain styles of cardio with weights (think Crossfit, metabolic resistance training, etc). But, that does not mean you need weights to lose body fat.

Here are 3 reasons you don't need to lift weights for fat loss.

1️⃣ 80% of your fat loss results will be from nutrition. It doesn’t really matter what activity you do really, as long as your heart rate is up and you’re burning up calories.

2️⃣ Muscle is more metabolically active than fat...but not by much. A pound of muscle only burns 6-7 calories PER DAY - if you gain 10 pounds of muscle, you’ll only be burning a quarter of a doughnut per day😥

3️⃣ Traditional weight training does not burn many calories. compared to HIIT, steady state, and hiking, it actually ranks LAST in calories burned.

I tell our clients all the time, if your goal is to lose body fat, it doesn't matter the exercise you do. You just need to get your heart rate up, push hard, and train harder than last time!

Building muscle? You can get by for a period of time without weights. But to get the best and most expedited results you'll definetely need a gym!

Want to jump start your fat loss?

Need a solid workout routine?

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